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  1. Sacred Prayer

    Sacred Prayer

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    Find your own "Sacred Grove" Learn More
  2. Sesquehanna River

    Sesquehanna River

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    Under a canopy of beautiful leaves is this sacred site of the restoration of the Priesthood in our Learn More
  3. Sacred Grove

    Sacred Grove

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    Where else in the world can you visit that brings more reflective thought about the meaning of life than a beautiful spot in nature like the “Sacred Grove” Learn More
  4. Sacred Grove 1907

    Sacred Grove 1907

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    Glancing upon the black and white photograph taken in 1907 of Church History sites by George Edward Anderson, I wanted to capture Learn More
  5. River Jordan

    River Jordan

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    The mighty Jordan didn’t look very intimidating the days that we visited there. I think it must be referring to something other than size when given “mighty” Learn More
  6. Quarry in Autumn
  7. Purple Wildflowers
  8. North Fork Falls
  9. Midday Naptime
  10. Sesquehanna River Bottoms

    Sesquehanna River Bottoms

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    Under a canopy of beautiful leaves is this sacred site of the restoration of the Priesthood in our own era. Glory and thanks be Learn More
  11. Shaded-Waters


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    Sacred Grove was so busy the day I was there, that we headed off the trail for a place of peace and quiet Learn More
  12. Shepherd's Field's

    Shepherd's Field's

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    Ever since visiting this place I have hoped an artist would portray the shepherds fields in the valley as they were and not on the hill looking down at the Learn More
  13. Mt Olympus Glory
  14. Zion-Narrows


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    This is one of the first places on the earth that the very rocks seemed to shout for joy in my ears. The sun, the shade, the....... Learn More
  15. View of Little Mountain

    View of Little Mountain

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    At times in life, the effort of our daily tasks and duties are so all consuming, overwhelming we have no energy to... Learn More
  16. To the Point

    To the Point

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    Memorial day is tender for me, especially since my daughter passed away. The pensive mood causes me much quietness and Learn More
  17. Timpanogos


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    If the weather is nice, a drive in the fall is one our favorite activities. While exploring, we got a bit lost... Learn More
  18. Thistle Flowers

    Thistle Flowers

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    Below the broken down ski lift is a lovely meadow, filled with flowers and weeds that are as beautiful as any flower. I really Learn More
  19. Stand Ye in Holy Places

    Stand Ye in Holy Places

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    In the valley of Armageddon, Joshua said “ choose ye this day whom ye will serve” It reminds me that we all wage battles in Learn More
  20. Soldier Hollow

    Soldier Hollow

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    This view was painted before Soldier Hollow became famous when the 2002 Winter Olympics came to Salt Lake City. Learn More
  21. Living Waters
  22. Light on the Ridge
  23. Kodachrome Basin
  24. First Snow at Magic Mountain
  25. Fall Tapestry

    Fall Tapestry

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    Fall Tapestry Learn More
  26. Fall in Zions
  27. Ein Gedi Falls
  28. Beautiful Gate
  29. Backpacker Payoff
  30. Aspens & Lupine

    Aspens & Lupine

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    Aspens & Lupine Canvas Giclee Print Limited Edition s/n 20x30 Learn More
  31. Aspen Trail

    Aspen Trail

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    On our family property there is a large Aspen someone carved the phrase “Blue sky day 1931.” This has become... Learn More
  32. Alaska


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    My brother and sister-in-law live in an enchanting forest overlooking the city of Fairbanks. They love both winter and... Learn More
  33. Floral Joy
  34. Garden Tomb
  35. Jerusalem Sunset
  36. Jerusalem
  37. Grandpa Ford's Flowers
  38. Gold in Main Creek
  39. Golden Hollyhocks
  40. Golden Fingers Bryce
  41. Golden Aspens Above Heber
  42. Gethsemene Prayer Garden
  43. Gently up the Stream
  44. Red Cliff Grandeur
  45. Garden of the Empty Tomb
  46. Builders of the Kingdom
  47. Thrill of Handcart Travel

    Thrill of Handcart Travel

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    Indeed one can wonder at what might have been the “Thrills” for this challenging time of the early Learn More
  48. Reunion


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    Finding that I had family that crossed the plains on the Martin Handcart Company has peaked my interests in family history research. The story of John and Jane Winn as they joined the church through their arrival in Zion is a difficult and heartbreaking one. Learn More
  49. Black Lambs
  50. Desert Rams
  51. Redlands Temple View

    Redlands Temple View

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    Redlands, California became my favorite southern California destination after meeting the wonderful people who. Learn More
  52. Oh Jerusalem